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Purim by Frederic Brenner Lael asher shavat
This nigun is attributed to R. Yaacov Itshak [Horowitz of Lancut], "The Seer of Lublin" (1745-1815).

Two verses of the yotser prayer from the Sabbath morning service. The Hassidim sing these verses at the meal after this service. Various sources attribute the melody to R. Yaacov Itshak [Horowitz of Lancut], "The Seer of Lublin" (1745-1815).
A somewhat different version was published by Pasternak (n41). In his commentary, Pasternak notes that the tune is known among the Hassidim as The Song of the Angels and it is also known as such to the dynasties of Sanz, Ropshitz and Bobova. According to Hassidic folklore "The Seer of Lublin" once went into a trance at his table at a formal tish and upon awakening he taught his disciples this tune which he had heard sung by the angels above.
The tune was first published by Geshuri in Sefer haShabbat (p.[616]). It was copied into his Music and Hassidism (p. 25), where he comments that R. Naphtali [Zvi Horowits] of Ropshitz (1760-1827) and R. Hayim [Halberstamm] of Sanz [1783-1776] ordered their Hassidim to sing it every Friday night before Grace After meals.

(From Anthology of hassidic music by Chemjo Vinaver)

La El asher shavat score

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