Midrash by M.T.Berger

The Messiah and the Nigun
From the book Scroll of the secrets by Zvi Mark

Messiah in all but name: (From Haaretz)
By Immanuel Etkes

Rabbi Nachman regarded himself as having all the necessary qualifications to be the Messiah. What kept him from fulfilling his messianic potential was a lack of recognition. The tremendous gap between his self-image and the public's failure to recognize his eminence was something that haunted Rabbi Nachman all his life. In his own eyes, he was not only the greatest tzaddik of his day, but the greatest tzaddik of all times. Even when his health deteriorated and he knew the end was near, he did not despair: He might not fulfill his messianic mission in his lifetime, but his teachings would continue to have influence after his death. "My fire will burn until the coming of the Messiah", he poetically put it...
One of the properties that Rabbi Nachman attributes to the niggun is the ability to bring back souls who have "fallen into apostasy". But the real role of the niggun, it seems, is to draw listeners into a dance so pleasurable and uplifting that they forget all else. The power of the niggun induces a state of mystical ecstasy. And here we find that the mission of the future Messiah will also be achieved through the niggun: "He will produce new musical instruments and melodies because he will be a great master of the niggun. "These musical innovations will so charm and delight people that they will accept his authority".

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