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This site pays homage to all those who have been a source of inspiration for me on my pathway of the nigun, the Hassidic melody.

As I consider today the road I have traveled with music since adolescent years when I destined for myself a career as a jazz musician, I thank God for having taken me down a new path; for having brought me closer to Torah and the great Hassidic masters, in particular Rebbe Nachman of Braslav and his disciple Rabbi Israel ber Odesser , my spiritual masters who guided me to create Mayim, an innovative music style I have been able to develop and expand through my founding and directing of the Techelet Ensemble.

In any case I would have become a musician, but now I have become a Jewish musician, my perception of music shaped by learning the many texts of the great Jewish mystics pertaining to music and by listening to the melodies those spiritual giants themselves composed.

To pave a new way is always extremely painful. I offer immense recognition for all these musicians whose personal example and music enabled me not to give up [not to abandon my path].

It is written in David's psalms that one who seeds in tears will reap in great joy. Perhaps the time for harvesting has arrived for me; perhaps this path which was so often impassable for me can now become an open highway on which thousands of musicians can travel. Perhaps the pages of this website can constitute a pioneering voyage for all those who want to take this road.


- Translated by Gita Levy

Yoel Taieb Jerusalem, 25 April 2007

"Le nigun de Dieu" un reportage consacre a Yoel Taieb et sa musique

Le nigun de Dieu

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